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About VitaPeeps

We make the everyday process of finding fun things to do effortless!

VitaPeeps is a Meetup Network

VitaPeeps is a meetup network that fills the gap between random meetups and big events by connecting you to the latest information about where your friends, people that share your passions, and the local community are meeting up! So use VitaPeeps to meetup more as well as to learn about and get ideas for meetups!

At the heart of VitaPeeps are small impromptu personal meetups like grabbing coffee, setting up rides, taking a study break, playing pickup basketball, etc. These personal meetups are frequently posted on VitaPeeps because VitaPeeps allows users to post a meetup in 1-click, similar to how one would post a status update. Users can also post Advanced Meetups, which provide more functionality (like the ability to invite friends as well as to obtain greater visibility for a given meetup both within the application and outside of it). Additionally, VitaPeeps integrates meetup information from leading meetup websites, and it provides the simplest platform to organically share and learn about meetups from multiple channels.

VitaPeeps on the Go

VitaPeeps iPhone App is available in the App Store, and it makes starting a meetup with friends and people that share your passions as easy as sending one text to a one individual!

VitaPeeps for Businesses

VitaPeeps connects businesses to customers that are looking to come meetup at their events and stores.

Businesses are passionate about what they do; as a result, they add their business as a Passion on VitaPeeps’ Enthusiasts Feed. A given business then gets users that are also passionate about their business to add the given business to their Passion Feed. This provides users a dedicated feed to learn about meetups that the business is hosting, about meetups that users are hosting related to the business, and to more generally discuss what they think about the business and the meetups/events organized by the business.

From real face-to-face feedback from customers, to increased foot-traffic to their stores and events, VitaPeeps offers businesses a chance to engage with a targeted audience.

VitaPeeps and the Community

At VitaPeeps, we believe that people meeting up offline and engaging in more meaningful interactions with friends and people that share their passions on a more consistent basis can have a positive global impact. Every day we are inspired by stories of people using VitaPeeps to help make the world a better place in unexpected ways.

VitaPeeps Around the World

VitaPeeps is based in Menlo Park, but it’s used by people all over the world. From the United States to the Philippines, people in nearly every continent in the world are now using VitaPeeps. As a result, VitaPeeps is working to get the application translated in numerous languages.

You don’t have to post meetups to get value from VitaPeeps

You don’t have to build a web page to surf the web and you don’t have to post meetups to enjoy VitaPeeps. Whether you post 15 meetups a week or never, you still have access to where your friends, your community, and others that share your passions are checking in and meeting up. You can contribute, or just passively learn about all the meetup opportunities near you.

Who created VitaPeeps?

VitaPeeps is a social media company in Menlo Park, CA that was created by a passionate Team with awesome technical and design support from sources that agree with our belief that the more people meetup offline, the better.