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Our goal is to bring humanity closer together by making it easier to meetup! Join Us!

What is VitaPeeps?

VitaPeeps is a meetup network that fills the gap between random meetups and big events by connecting you to the latest information about where your friends, people that share your passions, and the local community are meeting up! So use VitaPeeps to meetup more as well as to learn about and get ideas for meetups!

Join Us and help us solve huge problems related to meeting up! Some of the problems that we are solving include:
The asymmetry of meetup information among friends, people that share the same passions, and local communities.
Problems associated with the numerous and fragmented channels of information to learn about meetups and the frustrations that it causes.
Problems related to the over-whelming feeling of being bombarded by unnecessary notifications related to meetups.

We are Launching VitaPeepsU – Apply to be a Campus Vitaneer!

VitaPeeps is launching a new program for college students (or seniors in high school) itching to get real world startup experience!

Whether you’re a college freshman or senior, whether you’re at a school-sponsored orientation or your last-ever frat party. VitaPeeps is there for you and is ready to help you meetup with the students and the community around you. Help us, help you.

Campus Vitaneer

Want to be part of a company that is redefining the way we meetup? Apply to be a Campus Vitaneer and become responsible for growing your VitaPeepsU campus community. We’ll help you come up with ways to make VitaPeeps fun and useful, and you’ll tell us what works and what doesn’t. Because you know your campus best, you’ll have direct involvement in marketing and building the VitaPeeps brand at your school. One day you might be planning a VitaPeeps-sponsored meetup, another you’ll be doing market research and conducting interviews on campus, and blogging about the results. You’ll get tons of great experience running your own ship, plus support (and love) from the VitaPeeps team in Silcon Valley. There’ll be some fun perks too, like t-shirts, wristbands, and maybe even a trip to hang at VitaPeeps Awesome HQ in Menlo Park, CA … if you play your cards right and prove your chops big time!

Here’s what you’ll be expected to do:
  • Grow the number of VitaPeeps users on your campus
  • Plan marketing events and promos and make them happen
  • Contribute to the VitaPeeps blog’s Campus Crusades section; you’ll write about the great meetups you’re hosting and report back on how students are using VitaPeeps on campus
  • Liaise with campus newspapers and other student organizations to get the word out
You’re the perfect fit if you:
  • Are a DIY, independent, self-motivated powerhouse who enjoys setting your own schedule and making things happen.
  • Are a natural social butterfly and a born leader. You play well with others and enjoy connecting on screen and off. (Bonus points if you’re already super involved on campus and rubbing elbows with school admins.)
  • Are looking to gain experience in the startup world and real world business, marketing & PR skills. We are a great reference for students looking to jump in and make their mark in startup land.
  • Eat, breathe, and sleep social media.
  • Are a good writer and a great talker.
  • Are pumped about VitaPeeps’ mission and spreading the VitaPeeps love on campus.
You must be currently enrolled in college (or a senior in high school) in order to be eligible. Students may earn internship credit at their college or university for their work, provided they complete all official documentation upon acceptance into the program. Time commitments will vary (5-15hrs) depending on internship requirements. (We provide the guidelines; you build your own schedule)

Still sound good? Awesome! Contact us here to let us know you’re interested and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.